We have the largest inventory of Air Pux available for rental. We offer a diverse range of cylinders and actuators with simple or computer control. 

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Reach us, we may have it in stock. We also have turntable motor, stage lift, etc.


Our track and trolley systems feature an impressive anti-sway application. They are available in sections up to 30 meters long. It is possible to install two independent trolleys per track. These can reach a speed of 3.3 meters/sec.


Our high-speed winches can fly performers, props or cameras. The 2G acceleration makes those quick launches very impressive, while the precision of the servo motor makes it smooth. Our show control can synchronize every move of every axis all while monitoring safety control systems.

  • Fleet includes a variety of speeds and sizes. 

  • Used as standalone or in a winch network.
  • Programmed or manually operated. 


They are available in two sizes. Each module includes two winders and allows you to hang two different types of screen.


At 5 meters tall, the AcroJib has two head options available. It can be used with a "fork and twisty belt" or the "Superman harness". Our Jib is on wheels and can be moved safely while flying a performer. No need for rigging to fly!

Flight paths can be easily programmed on location or pre-programmed and visualized in simulation mode; ensuring time and money saving on the day of shooting. With options to record flight paths from manual moves and replayed or programmed quickly from point by point.

  • Prompt, efficient and safe installation.
  • 3D positioning in real time for VFX Systems.
  • No camera or gimbal payload is too heavy for our system. No... really!
  • Fast programming.​

You don’t require 3D? Our system is also capable of 2D point to point with two winches.


Here are some of the equipment FLYPATT can propose to local and international creators.


Who said that humankind needed wings to fly?

  • Simulation with programming and visualization.
  • Quick installation.
  • 3D positioning in real time for VFX.
  • Twisty belt or coat hanger option.


Our ability to move a camera in 3D. This can be operated manually or we can program for full motion control. We are using the latest technologies for gyro-stabilization, our kit can also fly any gimbal.